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Beginning of the End or End of the Beginning?

Two different questions.  Two different answers.  Two perspectives.  Two nearly dichotomous meanings.  What is it behind these two questions?  What mysteries lie beneath them?  Let us start with the first question posed.

The Beginning of the End.  In this phrase we see many interloping significances and implications.  Beginning, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, is defined as “the origin of something, or the place, time, or way in which something started” and “the first part of something or the start of something”.  End, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, is defined as “the last or farthest part of something or of a period of time, beyond which it does not exist”.  Since the creation of this Earth its days were already numbered, its obituary written down in the Bible.  All of what we see around has an end.  Plants, animals, machines, all that surround us has an eventual conclusion.  It depreciates, it decays.  Surely we can apply the term Beginning of the End to certain current and past events and commotions.  For example, “it is the beginning of the end for the Blackberry phone” or “it was the beginning of the end for the army of Napoleon in Russia”. 

Yet, in all of these cases, as the old adage outlines, life goes on.  The era of the Blackberry phone has ended, life goes on.  The army of Napoleon is at an end, life goes on.  President Obama’s term is about to end, life goes on.  Trench warfare is no more, life goes on.  An animal is about to become extinct, life goes on.  While we live on this earth life will go on and will not stop to place rightful judgement on something.  The Earth revolves around and around.  The Universe expands and reveals its wonders to the gigantic scientific microscopes.  Yet all of this has been realized without any sort of interruption whatsoever.  Humans die at different times apart from each other, but humanity itself keeps pushing forward in a straight line.  We are but travelers in this amazing odyssey that we call life itself.

Has everything that we as humans have lived through points to the beginning of the end?  Are we living to see the beginning of the end?  From the sin of the first two humans in the Garden of Eden to today, we can interpret the times as unraveling themselves to reveal a void, an end.  These times we are seeing evil multiply and many of the prophecies in the Bible are eerily becoming more and more relevant.  Are these current times the beginning of the end?  Or has the beginning of this inevitable end started since ancient times and we are just in the middle of the story, we are the climax?  God already has destroyed Earth once with water only to let a faithful few survive.  Was this a second opportunity for humanity to recognize its creator before He again wiped it out, this time with fire?  Christ then set forth how this world was going to end and the Gospels laid out the prophecies.  Was this a reminder of something that had already been set forth before thousands of years ago, that the Earth was going to be completely destroyed one way or another?

Let us ponder the other term, end of the beginning.  The end of the beginning implies, for the purposes of this paper, that the coming of the end will purposefully put a conclusion to the beginning, or the creation that surrounds us.  This conclusion will cease every aspect of our existence here on this physical world as well as everything with the spirit of life.  The ending of this world, in this instance, takes over as the ultimate goal, the ultimate aim.  In the other way, the beginning of the end, the beginning takes center stage as the main topic of deliberation.  The beginning of the end needs to start somewhere.  The beginning is the catalyst that moves us to the end of the story.  Assuming that nothing on this Earth is eternal we hold this to be true.  With the end of the beginning, it is the end that drives forth the beginning to its void.  Like a black hole in space, the end (which has been lying in wait since before) devours the beginning.  Has this end been prepared since before the creation of this Earth?  We can only speculate the answer.

One issue is clear, though, there will be an end.  There will be an end to the story that we live on and whose pages of the book are not endless, but finite.  All that humanity has created and achieved cannot sustain further pages of the book.  With the final chapters being written, what are we going to add to this giant book?  How is our beginning leading to the end?  Have we let the end inadvertently near us as a neighbor?  Whether we are young or old we cannot deny that death is always near, waiting like a lion ready to jump on its prey.  The biggest threat to us is not a health issue, but a spiritual one.  Our soul is at stake at each moment of our lives and the enemy of our soul is constantly waging war against it.  It is our soul that we must be preoccupied about.  It is true, people have grown probably tired of hearing fire and brimstone being brought down from the pulpits and condemnations of sins.  We want to hear peace, love, family, solace.  There is nothing wrong with this at all, we all want peace and love.  But we must always keep in mind the truth that after the end comes two worlds that do not mix with each other, Heaven and Hell.  We must gain that effort to get a hold of the road to Heaven.  And the Ten Commandments are a good way to start in this endeavor.  Keep them as the Lord Jesus Christ did.  If He could being human, then we can as well.  Let us make our beginning come to a good end and not let the end determine our fate.

A Review of 2016

The events surrounding this year were…hectic, to say the least.  The race to the presidency in the United States only made our bad-conceived headaches even worse.  Time after time, hour after hour, minute after minute, second after second, the radio and televisions bombarded us with this crucial event.  A showdown between two individuals at odds in both ideologies and beliefs.  Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  We all know who the victor was.

The world itself engulfed in many problems of its own.  The conflict in Syria and the entire Middle East has grabbed the attention of the world.  Heart-wrenching images of children in war-stricken cities.  Entire families uprooted from their homes or destroyed.  Radical groups that had regional bastions have now gone on to become a global threat.

Sometimes the problems all over the world seem so pressuring and strenuous we shut ourselves from what is going on.  Sometimes even the worse problems and occurrences that turn up in the news pass on us as regular happenings.  Slowly, we become oblivious and careless.

“Where is God? Why can’t the world revolve more peacefully?”…we might ask ourselves.  Make no mistake my fellow reader, God is here.  God is within range.  He is only a prayer away.  Prayer, the secret key to becoming closer to God.  Close to the divine.  But how often do we practice it?  Once a week?  Twice a week?  If you have not taken up the habit or at least have the yearning curiosity to try prayer, this is the time and the moment to do so.  “Why?”  You might ask yourself.  When we were kids we probably appreciated, or were disgusted, by the sight of a fruit.  But something within us told us to take a bite of it.  We tried it and then our minds were made up either to eat it or to leave it.  The same process we can apply to prayer.  Try it.  I am sure you won’t regret the decision to start or continue with prayer.  It does not matter at what stage of life you are.  Try it.       

An Observation

In life, there are people who genuinely extend their hand to help and lift you out of your current predicament, whatever it might be. This may be a friend, a relative, or in some case a complete stranger. A word of comfort, an action, an attitude, and a character, all of these can touch one’s feelings and present manner of thinking. It is uplifting, inspirational, and improves one’s journey in life by providing a stepping stone that refines our view of the world. Seeing life in a more joyous manner. Making our path in life more bearable.

And as expected, there are those who form the total opposite of what was mentioned above. These are the people with two masks. On one side revealing to you their desire to see you prosper, grow, happy. Their actual thoughts, however, reveal another side. Jealousy, ill-wishing, dislike, hatred, resentment, etc. They fill their tongues with contrary advice and wrong guidance. They then spew their evil thoughts unto you. Their words make the day sour. You may go as far as to believe in what they say, hurting your self-esteem and sense of worth all by yourself.

You, dear reader, are worth something. Worth more than gold and all the precious stones and materials this Earth has to offer. What is all of these earthly stones and minerals compared to you? Gold is just another one of Earth’s elements with an atomic number, like any other element splattered in the Periodic Table. What is a diamond, but a piece of rock? None of these earthly objects breathe, smell, taste, or articulate their own thoughts. You are unique among all that is to be encountered on this Earth. True, we are constantly surrounded by difficulties and sad times. We must overcome them. No obstacle is placed before us to surrender to them, rather, they are placed before us to grind them to dust and continue in our journey. They are a test that prove our worth.

The most valuable thing on Earth for God is not gold, silver, or diamonds. It is you. You are His most valuable creation. He longs for your soul. Your salvation is of utmost importance. He rests in the splendor of His Kingdom, yet, is always attentive to your plight. He is like the person I presented in the beginning. Always there to comfort you, always there to listen, always there to aid you. Your joy is His joy, your sadness is His sadness. He does not carry two masks. He is truthful, for He is Truth itself, innate and inherent.

The Birth of Jesus

Written by the Bishop David Higuera

Since ancient times his birth has been prophesized, one of the prophets who spoke about it was the prophet Isaiah, and he was inspired by the Holy Spirit to speak this way. Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign: Behold a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Emmanuel. Isaiah 7:14. This prophecy would become true about 700 years later. In Matthew 1: 21-23 we read:


21 And she shall bring forth a son, and shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.


22 All this took place to fulfill what was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying:


23 Behold a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.

On that day it was announced his birth, then the Redeemer of the world in a few months would be born of a woman named Mary, who was conceived of the Holy Spirit. The exact day he was born has been discussed over the years, but what his word says in Luke 2: 8 we understand that it was not in winter time because there were shepherds in that time who watched the watches of the night on livestock, something that was not done in cold weather.


However, for now I will not go into those details, because there is something more important we need to know, which is the following: Has Jesus been born in our hearts? If the answer is NO, let me say that we are in a serious problem because we will all stand before Him in the last day,


2 Corinthians 5:10. And if we are not good in front of him, sad will be our situation, because we will be sent to eternal punishment.


However, there is good news, and there is still time to accept and recognize that we need him, therefore He must live in you, so you can live for eternity by his side, I would like that you will reflect one time and pay attention to these words, open your heart and think the following:


That He being the king of kings was not born in a palace full of false ornaments, or lived in the pleasures of this earth, nor in their riches, for showing us the way of humility and simplicity, and with a great gesture of love, He died so that you may live, and if you want to live forever at his side, let him be born in your heart today.