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New Year 2016

New Year

Written by the Bishop Daddy John (December 1943)

The New Year that God gave to Israel was not a date, but always the first new moon of October.

Man has arranged his schedule naming the first of January as the day of New Year.

As far as I’m concerned, my New Year is June 8.  The date that my sins were forgiven and the Holy Spirit came upon me, entered me, I took, and who is ruling my life.

That was when “all the old things are passed away and all things were made new.”  Old things are passed away; even my character was changed, the old man was not known more.

I put an ad in my business establishment in Havana street No. 73 that said, “Everything I have belongs to God.” I sold everything and became a “disciple of Christ”, a follower of the Lamb, and went to work in his vineyard; nothing for me, but everything to God without salary or income of any kind, living entirely by my faith in God. I traveled eight countries and territories striving to do the works of Christ as a believer, John. 14: 12. I have no other business or other gods to serve. It is a blessed New Year for me, and I want everyone to come under the same blessing.

If you would like to do the same, then look “first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added” Mt. 6: 33. This is the first duty of man, and really; what does man needs most? That “no one seek his own, but that of the other.”

I have prayed for over twelve thousand sick and afflicted here in Cuba at no cost to them. Jesus and his disciples did not charge anything for any of their services, nor do we. And the joy there is in that service money cannot buy. Indeed the old is gone. It is a New Year for me. I wish that everyone could participate in this! The greatest joy is in this world is in the service of the Lord; doing the Father’s will; in the kingdom of God.

All are in Satan’s kingdom until they are received into the kingdom of God.

All are children of the devil if they do not make the change; while the old things do not go and all things become new. Until we have a New Year, gaining victory over all the world; “For whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world” 1 John. 5: 4. “He who sins is of the devil” 1 John. 3: 8.

Know your lost condition, repent and pray that you may have “A New Year,” becomes a reality in your life, and we can truly say: Happy New Year!