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Bishop David’s Report on Mexico

Bishop David Higuera has written the following from Mexico…

Two Saturdays ago I was in Chihuahua, thanks to God it was a great blessing. Thanks to my brothers in that place for their attention, and affection, and to my brother the Superintendent Silvino Ocampo for the trip we took to this place.

This past Saturday I was in Guadalajara and I can say that God also greatly manifested his mercy. Our brother Miguel Sandoval directed a Waiting of the Anointed service where five brothers received the Holy Spirit for the glory of God. I also thank everyone for the undeserving treatment they gave me.

If God allows me on this journey I will visit the churches of Puebla, Chiapas, Campeche, and Cancun.

I hope you pray for me, so that God prosper my trip through southern Mexico, blessings and hugs for everyone.